Jacob Litoff

The Westwood Harmonic Summer Dance

Jacob Litoff
Jacob Litoff
Classical / Instrumental
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For a single performer
D major
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I wrote this piece as I was trying to figure out all the harmonics on the violin on a hot day in June 1999. The first section represents all the cars that I heard in the morning rush hour on their way to work on that hot summer day driving up route 1, route 1A, and route 95. Section A represents all those people busy at work in the morning trying to turn the world upside down. First the melody is right side up, then it is upside down. They're in air conditioned buildings of course! Then the opening section gets played once again, this time representing everyone going out in the hot weather for lunch and to do a few errands as fast as possible. Next comes section B. If one wants to leave out the bottom harmonic at the beginning of the measures 1, 2, & 3, in lines 1, 3 and 4, that makes it a little easier, but it is nice when both notes can be played. This section is work after lunch. It is supposed to go a little slower, for everyone is getting bogged down with to many assignments and they're starting to get exhausted. Then comes the opening section one last time. This time it is rush hour on the way home, and all the errands that must be done, like taking kids to soccer practice, ballet , tap dancing and violin lessons(or whatever) and trying to fix dinner or grab a pizza somewhere in there. Just before getting to the end of the section this time at the sign jump to the coda, and here it can slow down just a little for this is one collapsing at the end of the day when everything is over.

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05 Dec 2013


Sheet music file including a license for an unlimited number of performances, limited to one year.
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